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Question: Draw the sequence diagram according to the given description(Transaction Sequence Diagram).(20 pt)
A transaction use case is started within a session when the customer chooses a transaction type from a menu of options. The customer will be asked to furnish appropriate details (e.g. account(s) involved, amount). The transaction will then be sent to the bank, along with information from the customer’s card and the PIN the customer entered.
If the bank approves the transaction, any steps needed to complete the transaction (e.g. dispensing cash or accepting an envelope) will be performed, and then a receipt will be printed. Then the customer will be asked whether he/she wishes to do another transaction.
If the bank reports that the customer’s PIN is invalid, the Invalid PIN extension will be performed and then an attempt will be made to continue the transaction. If the customer’s card is retained due to too many invalid PINs, the transaction will be aborted, and the customer will not be offered the option of doing another.
If a transaction is cancelled by the customer, or fails for any reason other than repeated entries of an invalid PIN, a screen will be displayed informing the customer of the reason for the failure of the transaction, and then the customer will be offered the opportunity to do another.
The customer may cancel a transaction by pressing the Cancel key as described for each individual type of transaction below.
All messages to the bank and responses back are recorded in the ATM’s log.
Note: Transaction is an abstract generalization. Each specific concrete type of transaction implements certain operations in the appropriate way. The flow of events given here describes the behavior common to all types of transaction. The flows of events for the individual types of transaction (withdrawal, deposit, transfer, inquiry) give the features that are specific to that type of transaction.

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