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Quiz 5 Solutions

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Quiz 5 Questions

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Draw the class diagram for the following case.(20 pt)

The HIJ Car Company is a newly growing company about cars. The known information about the company is name, address, foundation date, founder and phone number.

The company has three main business departments as sales, renting and service. These departments have unique department id, name and a manager and are capable of discount notification. The sales department is employed with providing a test drive to the customers and selling cars and products about cars. The service department is employed with maintenance and repair operations of cars. Third department is concerned with hiring cars to customer. Also, booking is needed before service and hiring operations and booking date information is necessary.

Employees of this company have employee id, name, email, phone number and address information. Each employee works at least one department. Manager and founder are an employee of the company.

Some of the products provided in the company are wheel, door, light(as stoplight and headlight). Car is also another product of this company which consists of other products sold there. The products have the following information: id, name, price, properties. Car product contains model, color, category, speed and number of passengers information. Other products contain number of units remaining information. Car is capable of starting and stopping car.

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